We work closely with the most reputable OSHA compliance leaders in the area to help dental practices comply with California state law and OSHA regulations.

We also partner with OSHA and California Dental Practice Act experts to connect study groups, associations and dental practices with the information they require to maintain compliance.

Ask your Patterson representative for more information.

The Shield Group

The founder of The Shield Group, Bill Hollowell, has worked in the field of OSHA safety for more than twenty years and The Shield Group has been servicing dentists for over a decade. The Shield Group is certified to deliver OSHA Infection Control and California Dental Practice Act (Law) Seminars and also provide Continuing Education (CE) units. They deliver these seminars in-house at dental facilities, to study groups and associations, and at Patterson-sponsored events.

In addition to seminars, The Shield Group provides:

  • compliance posters
  • approved labels
  • required signage
  • a safety manual
  • a records manual
  • an MSDS manual
  • and a safety support hot-line

They have the most complete and comprehensive OSHA compliance program in California which comes with a full guarantee. Hundreds of dental practices have remained clients for over a decade as they prefer to focus on patient care and place their trust in The Shield Group to provide safety training and assistance with regulatory compliance.

Visit the Shield Group at www.theshieldgroup.org


For info on OSHA in San Diego County

Joy Howard, B.S.N., R.N., is owner of Dental Ed, Inc. For 22 years she has been teaching a practical, hands-on approach to Infection Control & OSHA Compliance in the San Diego County area. She does on-site courses and teaches seminars. Mrs. Howard has been a guest speaker for UCSD, the Filipino Dental Society, the San Diego County Dental Assistants Society, the San Diego County Dental Hygiene Society, the San Diego and Imperial County Dental Societies,the San Diego County and National Academies of General Dentistry and the California Dental Association. As the wife of a dentist for over 33 years she understands the difficulty they face in managing their practices while attempting to comply with the often confusing regulatory requirements.

Visit Joy’s website at dentalinc.com